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30+ Years As a Spiritual Teacher

- Michael J. Roads -

It is obvious to everyone that we are going through a human crisis

To be correct, for some it is most definitely a crisis, while for many it is a time of transition.

And then there are those for whom it is a deep and powerful spiritual awakening.

This so-called crisis is all about consciousness and creation. We long ago created a way of life based on illusion, falsity, and the pursuit of material gain. This was called success!

Now, however, it is becoming obvious to those who are awakening that the old template of humanity is seriously flawed. Not bad or wrong, but flawed.
And it is we who have to fix it!


We are absolutely convinced and therefore offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the course, you can get a refund within the first week after it starts.

– Online seminar in May 2022 –



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You can learn in 6 modules:

1. Why a new paradigm?

Explaining the energy body (metaphysical) and the energetic connection to our chakras . . . the why and how.

2. Talking about the cause and time factor of the current human problem in consciousness

The metaphysical and spiritual decline. The soul aspect. The current increase of verbal violence in movies, social media, etc. This is not about what is wrong, but the way it is. Right and wrong are irrelevant in creation . . . but we do have to live the consequences!

3. Talking about the effect and physical manifestation of the spiritual decline that was inevitable

We create our life and self: individually as a person, as a soul, and as as a global humanity.

4. Talking about the solution and how acting individually to grow in consciousness creates global changes

We are young souls. Choosing Love. How each person is the Whole. Letting go of ‘me’ and ‘you’ as separate. Soul growth. Timelines, continuity, and what this all actually means.

5. Explaining spiritual enlightenment and unconditional Love

Discussing the evolution of the human soul. The gradual development and paradox of individuality.

6. Moving beyond duality

Discussing and answering questions.

Module 1

Exploring human consciousness, both soul and physical

Module 2

Talking about the cause and time factor of the current human problem in consciousness

Module 3

Talking about the effect and physical manifestation of the spiritual decline that was inevitable

Module 4

Talking about the solution and how acting individually to grow in consciousness creates global change

Module 5

Explaining spiritual enlightenment and unconditional Love

Module 6

Moving beyond duality

We are now in the process of creating a new paradigm

We have to consciously create it and enter it!

So please, join me in this 3 week 6 module exploration of the deep metaphysical, cause behind all this, the ever-growing effect, and the aware and conscious solution that we need to bring into our lives . . . individually and collectively.



Inner exercises


All modules are at 5 pm AEST (Brisbane Time)

DURATION: approx. 1,5 hours per session + approx. 45 Min. for the inner exercise

Module 1 – May 3

Module 2 – May 5

Module 3 – May 10

Module 4 – May 12

Module 5 – May 17

Module 6 – May 19

Click on this link to go to a convenient time zone converter to check which time the events will be for you.

You will learn to..

CULTIVATE emotional balance

For ages we have done our best to control our emotions. This has not worked for us as it is entirely unnatural. When we learn to find emotional balance we step into our deeper powers. All life seeks balance. By balancing our emotions we walk on the High Road of self-empowerment.

Give your life new meaning

It is time to take back the sovereignty of Self.

EMBRACE every situation as AN opportunity

Every difficulty and crisis is an invitation for soul growth


When truth, authenticity and joy in one’s own being transforms your relationship with yourself, it also transforms all your personal relationships.


All aspects of abundance are found in a higher state consciousness. Unfortunately most people are focussed into the illusory world of our creation, rather than the greater spiritual reality wherein lies abundance.


Your inner relationship with yourself creates your daily life, which exactly reflects your true state of consciousness. By understanding this and making the required changes, you are able to spiritually develop and grow in consciousness.


Love is not an emotion . . . Love is the power of creation. Embracing this guiding principle with forever change your life.

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About Michael J. Roads

“I am known as a Modern Mystic . . .”

Over many years I have gained a wealth of metaphysical experiences which offer me the most extraordinary insights into life. As a spiritual teacher I have devised many inner exercises which allow people to experience the interconnectedness of All life, bridging the illusion of separation between our inner and outer worlds. I offer people the ability to maintain a state of inner peace and freedom, regardless of the situations and circumstances of their lives. Yes . . . this is possible!

“All is possible within the power of unconditional Love.” 
I have the consciousness and ability to empower people, thus assisting them in remembering and reconnecting with their own Divine potential. When certain universal principles of Truth become an aspect of your life, the extraordinary becomes really quite ordinary. Aeons ago, we settled for life in the illusion. I will teach you the way out. I have spent five decades exploring the higher realms of consciousness. It is time for your outdated and outmoded personal world reality to give way to the higher potential of a far Greater Reality. 

 – With love, Michael J. Roads –


I have been following Michael since 2017 every day with his daily quotes, musings on Facebook, week long etc. He’s been the best thing in my life since. I always learn from him and most of all, his teachings are guiding me in a profound way and choosing love is by far the ever ending opening of the heart. Gratitude for his beautiful soul.

Nicole A.

I attended Michael’s intensive in 2014 and I read his books. He made a big difference for me.

He learned me to love and respect myself and that gives me strength. And when he tells about other worlds and puts the agony of this world in a broader perspective he helps me to accept the world.

Ellen Rijken

“Since I’ve come home, the physical recovery has been almost too overwhelming to be expressed in words. The fears that I let go and emulate in the inner exercises literally melted my body, which I believe was frozen in fear before I was born. The physical pain that I have suffered from for over thirty years and that has gotten progressively worse is 75-80 percent gone. I feel so blessed to have met you! “

Shirley H.

I first met Michael at an Intensive seminar in Berlin 2015. Looking back, this was really life changing. Since then I enjoy his books, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to join his online lectures. He is really fantastic – metaphysically and with his two feet on the ground. Michael really taught me a lot! But most importantly he reminds me, that this is not an intellectual exercise. So thank you very much for constantly reminding me to choose love with every breath I take, Michael!

Claus Medved

“I had a great experience at the intensive seminar and I am so happy that I attended it … and I am CHANGING! The seminar was like a catalyst, it helped me to see myself more clearly and to see the depth of these false beliefs – and I can tell you it is an amazing improvement in my world … “

Thomas F.

First met Michael at his South African intensives, then read his books, followed his teachings and online musings and received his daily thoughts. What kept me following was / is his down-to-earth honesty, his sense of humour, and his TRUTH. He does not let you off the hook. He gives you a path but YOU have to live your truth in order to follow this path.

Lynne M.