Journey into the Secret World of Nature

Reconnect with a forgotten power in this online course with bestselling author and spiritual teacher
Michael J. Roads
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What would happen if we stopped for even a moment and truly listened to Nature?

For many decades I have had a teacher I simply call The Spirit of Nature . . . or Pan.

Pan has opened me to the Nature that IS. Not simply our physical, everyday Nature, but the Truth and Spirit beyond that familiar level. I learned that our normal consensus reality was shockingly limited, and that beyond those accepted boundaries a far Greater Reality awaited.

Over 50 years ago, when I first began hearing a river talking, I attempted to deny and ignore it.

But Nature persisted, and gradually I discovered a healing and nurturing power – a power available to us all.

The journeys we will be taking in this course are designed to explore and reveal the more hidden aspects of Nature, that which the physical eyes are mostly unable to see. In Nature, a tree is not just a tree, a river is not just a flow of water, neither is a mountain a heap of rocks. Most people do not expect to find any intelligence in a tree, or real consciousness in the river or mountain. But it is there. As I so often state: Consciousness draws to itself physical form through which to express; but the expression is consciousness. Most people attempt to have an intellectual relationship with Nature, which is not possible. Nature is not an intellectual expression. Nature is an expression of conscious intelligence . . . as are we!

14.5 hours of video material


The first 9 sessions are the requirements you need to truly enter the metaphysical world of Nature.

Module 1

Module 2
Nature and a Greater Reality

Module 3
Limits and Abilities in the Role of the Brain

Module 4
The Noble Art of Conscious Listening

Module 5
The Noble Art of Consciously Seeing

Module 6
Being Conscious as Opposed to Being Subconscious

Module 7
The Overwhelming Need to Reconnect with Nature

Module 8
The Power of Focus and Intent

Module 9
Linear Time – Spherical Time – and Timelines

Having learned to enter a Greater Reality . . . Journeys into a metaphysical Nature now await.

Module 10
The Elementals . . . Earth – Water – Fire – Air . . . A short metaphysical journey will follow.

Module 11
The Metaphysical World of Nature Spirits . . . A short metaphysical journey will follow.

Module 12
Nature Spirits of a Higher Order – Devas . . . A short metaphysical journey will follow.

Module 13
The Earth – a Vast Elemental Being . . . A short metaphysical journey will follow.

Module 14
The Beingness of Trees . . . A short metaphysical journey will follow.

Module 15
The Metaphysical Expression of Rivers . . . A short metaphysical journey will follow.

Module 16
Metaphysical Applications in the Garden . . . A short metaphysical journey will follow.

Module 17
Metaphysically Connecting with Animals . . . A short metaphysical journey will follow.

Module 18
To Consciously Listen to the Universe . . . A short metaphysical journey will follow.

Module 19
This is a free session to Summarise – wrapping it all up.

This course is a deeper dive into Nature.

Life is not held within the endless volumes of knowledge. Prior experience for this course is not necessary. All I need is your willingness. And, I assure you, it is entirely safe. I welcome you to come journey with me into the hidden secret world of Nature . . . the mystical world of Nature.

Journeying into Nature is a hugely enriching experience. It is a skill, a natural art, an inner potential inherent in all humanity. You will discover there is a vast and wonderful Greater Reality waiting to welcome you. And long has it waited.

What I am presenting in these sessions is a comprehensive step-by-step approach to expanding and enriching your whole life experience. Nature and Self are not separate. As you grow and develop with what I am offering you, so you will experience the metaphysical connection with Nature . . . and with All life. To do this, your own personal world will grow. You will grow. In other words, you cannot change and remain the same! And trust me on this; to enter the metaphysical world of Nature will change you in many exciting ways. You will grow in consciousness, and this is the soul purpose of our lives.

And believe me:

Entering the metaphysical world of nature will transform you in many exciting ways. You will grow in your consciousness and that is the soul purpose of our life.

Minutes of video


InneR ecxercises


19 Modules and 9 inner exercises totalling 14.5 hours of material

Duration: ca 30 Minutes per Module

Format: Video and Audio

All Videos have English Subtitles.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn the art of listening and inner hearing. Equally, you will learn to look at . . . and consciously see.
  • You will learn how to let go of fear. This is probably the greatest detriment for people in experiencing Nature on a deeper level. Fear of the unknown. Fear of coming to harm. Fear is born from our illusion of separation and isolation both from the natural world and each other.
  • You will learn how to move past the intellectual relationship with Nature and connect with its expression of conscious intelligence.
    You will learn to experience Oneness, known in physics as the unified-field-of-energy.
  • You will learn how to meet Nature where it resides: in the moment. Nature does not live and express in the past or future; it lives consciously in the eternal moment. To experience a metaphysical Nature, we must meet it where it resides.
  • You will learn how to connect with the silent song of energy — Trust. This is the conduit between ourselves and Nature.
  • You will gain profound insights into how Nature works on a metaphysical level.
  • You will learn to use your whole-brain/heart connection.
  • You will learn that by connecting with the blueprint of Nature, it will nurture you in your soul development. This in turn enables you to live a far more enriching and fulfilling life.


In my books, Talking with Nature and Journey into Nature, available as one book, I detail all the struggles I had in my early days of a metaphysical relationship with Nature. I certainly experienced fear, lots of it, so I am very empathetic when other people feel this. I also found it hugely difficult to believe my own deeper experiences, so I am very aware of this struggle.

Nature has a voice, but we no longer listen. To communicate with Nature you are required to have a high level openness, so this is another aspect I am familiar with. We think we are very open . . . until the unknown steps in!

My teacher was, and still is, Pan. Amazingly, it took me 20 years to fully accept this. I felt unworthy, unskilled, and that Pan had somehow made a mistake. Seriously, I would like to steer you away from such blunders. Today, I am skilled in all that I teach, but it was not always like this. Interestingly, it is because I have experienced most of the errors that I am a good teacher of the metaphysical today.

Be aware, the metaphysical is the REAL world, the physical is the ILLUSION. Taking metaphysical Journeys into Nature is a hugely enriching experience. It is a skill, a natural art, an inner potential inherent in all humanity. You will discover there is a vast and wonderful Greater Reality waiting to welcome you. And long has it waited.


I have been following Michael since 2017 every day with his daily quotes, musings on Facebook, week long etc. He’s been the best thing in my life since. I always learn from him and most of all, his teachings are guiding me in a profound way and choosing love is by far the ever ending opening of the heart. Gratitude for his beautiful soul.

Nicole A.

“I had a great experience at the intensive seminar and I am so happy that I attended it … and I am CHANGING! The seminar was like a catalyst, it helped me to see myself more clearly and to see the depth of these false beliefs – and I can tell you it is an amazing improvement in my world … “

Thomas F.

I attended Michael’s intensive in 2014 and I read his books. He made a big difference for me.

He learned me to love and respect myself and that gives me strength. And when he tells about other worlds and puts the agony of this world in a broader perspective he helps me to accept the world.

Ellen Rijken

“Since I’ve come home, the physical recovery has been almost too overwhelming to be expressed in words. The fears that I let go and emulate in the inner exercises literally melted my body, which I believe was frozen in fear before I was born. The physical pain that I have suffered from for over thirty years and that has gotten progressively worse is 75-80 percent gone. I feel so blessed to have met you! “

Shirley H.

I first met Michael at an Intensive seminar in Berlin 2015. Looking back, this was really life changing. Since then I enjoy his books, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to join his online lectures. He is really fantastic – metaphysically and with his two feet on the ground. Michael really taught me a lot! But most importantly he reminds me, that this is not an intellectual exercise. So thank you very much for constantly reminding me to choose love with every breath I take, Michael!

Claus Medved

First met Michael at his South African intensives, then read his books, followed his teachings and online musings and received his daily thoughts. What kept me following was / is his down-to-earth honesty, his sense of humour, and his TRUTH. He does not let you off the hook. He gives you a path but YOU have to live your truth in order to follow this path.

Lynne M.